Friday, August 24, 2007

Reasons on Why Some Project Teams Fails

Current trend of project management:
* 60% of all requirements for most projects are re-written. (Borland Intl,;


* 1 out of every 4 projects never leave the starting line (Meta group);
* 30% of all projects are completed on time, on-budget and on target (Chaos Report);
"Only 59% of our projects reach the market. In Europe only a meager 45% get shipped. ..." Jack Ganssle, (07.10.2006)

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Our Analysis:
When a team collaboratively does not understand what is their big picture, they will not collaborate. No collaboration = No project success. It is psychological difficult to force a team to collaborate when they are not connect with it.

Our Compass AE process enables a project team to collaboratively use the Tangible Vision to view the "top to bottom" connections between the goal, the objectives and the requirements. ...
When they connect with it, the process of collaboration begins.

@ the end, the Compass team completes their Tangible Vision on time, on budget and on target.

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