Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Competing in the Global Economy: “Is Your Team Connected To Its Vision?”

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Project Gold Rush

It was a long 31 weeks. Members of Team Alpha were relieved that they had completed the implementation of "Project Gold Rush". It was Apex systems’ latest marketing campaign that would give them the lead in a new marketplace. The product was now in the hands of their international users. nothing to do but wait for their feedback.

Mr. Green, the director in charge, sat alone in the semi-dark conference room. He sipped cold coffee and scrounged a box for doughnut halves leftover from a meeting the day before. He was rightfully proud of his team’s achievement in this grand endeavor. But there was no smile on his face. "Pride cometh before the fall", he heard his inner voice say. Damn proverbs. what should have been cause for celebration was in reality a potential backbreaker. How was he going to explain to senior management why he requested another $250,000 Po?

As Green pondered, he rose from his chair and paced toward the wall of white boards that faced him. someone had scrawled an anonymous message The Longest 31 Weeks of My Life. A cold sweat dripped down his forehead. The project was three weeks past the expected launch date and a quarter million over budget. senior management decided to continue with the project only because of the great profit potential.

When the project started, two of Apex’s larger competitors were one month behind in their entry to this marketplace. now they were breathing down his company’s neck.

Green muttered, "This is my second global project. I should‘ve learned from the mistakes of the first fiasco. How’d this happen again? we had our best international project talent implementing this project. we used the best web-conferencing technology and we still made mistakes! we had a plan, and it fell apart. Then the team stopped working together. what did we do wrong? we can’t continue operating like this. How will I know when they’re collaborating as a team? what’s the solution to this problem? "

The secretary walked into the meeting room. "Mr. Green, the CEO and the Vice President wish to speak with you, "she barely whispered. where was that pretty smile she always wore?

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