Thursday, March 15, 2007

Welcome to the Collaborative View

Welcome to the official blog of Collaboration360 Consultants. We are the first company who developed a team collaborative methodology that enables a project team to collaborate regardless of the distance, the technology and project culture.

Our methodology is called Compass AE. It synchronizes the team in terms of knowing the goal, the specific objectives, the approaches and the circumstances. It is more than a "strategic collaboration" system. This team collaborative process emphasizes the viewing and understanding of the “big picture” as a team.

We recently launched our Compass AE solution and currently seeking senior marketing managers who are previously and currently involved in distance collaborative projects for a distance team collaboration survey.

Compass AE Collaborative Cycle

The Compass AE methodology is based on the following concept: A team that collaboratively builds a Tangible Vision will collaboratively connect with it. The collaborative build and connect of that Tangible Vision ensures they will lead and completed it.

Any questions on Compass AE, you can contact us at service [at] collaboration360 [dot] com
More information on us can be found here.


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