Saturday, July 7, 2007

Collaboration 360 Recommends

If you are in need of a great game and wireless developer, I recommend the services of Gibson Tang, founder of Wavefront Systems. (He is located in Singapore.) Worked with him on several projects.
Noticed that Mr. Tang is a superb problem solver and quite an innovative thinker. He is humble and committed to achieving quality in all of his pursuits.

His ability to go with the flow is superb.
Seen situations where clients kept on changing the requirements and he adjusted to it without a glitch. Mr. Tang stay focused on the target and kept moving toward the target on time and on budget.

Mr. Tang's product development skills is A1.

Currently working with Gibson on another technical endeavor as a project strategist. This C360 Chief Architect highly endorses his technical work and professionalism. Mr. Tang
is the "professional" professional.

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