Friday, October 19, 2007

C360 Latest Endorsement (From Gerald M. Weinberg, the Ultra Consultant)

We recently received an unsolicited endorsement by Gerald Weinberg, the Ultra Consultant.

fyi- Mr ,Weinberg is the writer of many great consulting, system thinking and leadership classics (Secrets of Consulting, More Secrets of Consulting, More Secrets of Consulting; Are Your Lights On?: How To Figure Out What The Problem Really Is; Becoming A Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach; An Introduction To General Systems Thinking, Psychology of Computer Programming, etc.)

Believe all of his books are still the creme of the creme. The content of his books are still relevant in the 21st century and beyond. Refer it as a super text, a tangible classic. Recommend all of his books quite highly.

" … I very much appreciate being associated with sites I admire. I've made the link on my Consulting blog. … I know a bit about Chinese military strategy, but I'm no expert by a long way. I'm glad you are. … I don't think of myself as a guru. Just a person like you, who keeps eyes and ears open, and thinks about what he sees and hears. ... "

From then on, we exchanged notes on many topics

Strategy and Consulting

C360: "... While the science of strategy and consulting can be taught. It is the art of strategy and consulting that cannot be really taught. It is all about mindful awareness (as my poker buddies describes it "conscious awareness"). One either has it or don't. ..."
Weinberg: "True. Most people are sleepwalking, but I recognized immediately that you are not one of those."

Teaching Teamwork
C360: "... As mentioned on my site, we teach them how to build, connect and lead with a tangible vision for the first two days. Then we monitored them in building and connecting w/ their Tangible Vision on the 3rd day. Then it is up to the client to decide whether they want us to monitor their team through out the implementation of their Tangible Vision (project) ... "
Weinberg: "... Yes, they have to contribute that much awareness, otherwise they cannot even be dragged into teamwork. ..."

Compass AE Process
"It (Compass AE) is based on our interpretation of collaboration from our understanding of the Chinese Strategy Classics. A team that collaboratively builds and connect with their Tangible Vision, will collaboratively lead with it as a team."

"... I have always felt great sympathy with Chinese and Japanese philosophy.
Apparently I have absorbed something, because my books are extremely popular in Japan and China. ..."


Weinberg: "(From Colin Powell) Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible. ... "

C360: "Mr. Weinberg! Thank you very much for the endorsement."

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