Friday, June 1, 2007

Compass AE: Collaborate without Borders

Challenges to an Age-old Problem

EGARDLESS OF THE DISTANCE or project culture, the common dilemma to a successful project is aligning team members towards the same goal.

Collaboration 360 created Compass AE to align your team members and give them a project guidance system that increases efficiency and reduces dependency between them. Compass AE also facilitates efficient meetings and productive decision-making, synchronizing the remotely- located team members to Collaborate without Borders.

A New View to Collaboratively Manage Projects
Compass AE is a collaborative methodology that allows a team with remotely-located members to collaborate regardless of time zones, technology or the project culture.

Compass AE achieves collaborative success by utilizing a project guidance system called the Tangible Vision. The Tangible Vision gives every team member the big picture of the project, the strategic approach towards the project and the priorities of the major milestones in terms that are tangible to the individual and inline with the team.

The Tangible Vision is collaboratively built by the team. Through this process, ambiguity is removed and the team is connected through their Tangible Vision. Team members understand what the project is about, what it’s not about and, more importantly, why the project is important to themselves, the team and the company.

The collaborative Build and Connect process unifies the team members both in direction and approach. This enables the Tangible Vision to Lead the team to a successful completion of the project by reducing uncertainty. The members also become more productive and efficient in its meetings and decision-making.


Compass AE utilizes this unique collaborative Build, Connect and Lead process that allows the team to understand the grand goal, the specific objectives and the connection between the specific objectives and the grand goal.

When a team connects to collaborate, it succeeds.

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