Monday, September 17, 2007

Latest Success of Collaboration360

Recently an Asian wireless game company used our C360 consulting services and our Compass AE methodology to secure a monetary grant to launch their latest business endeavor. They used our Compass AE process to collaboratively determine the grand goal and the process to reach the goal.

After three weeks of waiting, they successfully received the grant.

The client is now using our Compass AE process to define the goal and the objectives of their marketing development and the product development activities. They asked us to guide them in the challenges of collaboratively building and connecting a separate Tangible Vision for each activity.

It is a good experiment for us to see how well our collaborative process works in the area of product development .

Before building the Tangible Vision, we made a point to know the business of the client and their marketplace.

Quoting what our client told us , "Collboration360 Consultants did a great job in helping our team to collaboratively focus on the importance of our project. We used Compass AE to clarify our strategic direction and the necessary strategic steps. ... We were quite happy with their process and services."

- More details to come -

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