Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Compass AE Origins (2): The Chinese Strategy Expert

Someone recently asked me the following question, "Since you and your team build this strategic process on your understanding of the Chinese Strategy Classics. Can you tell me more about the team that build this process? ..."

In an earlier entry, I discussed about my associates and I being enthusiasts of the Chinese Strategy Classics. While most of the team specializes in various selections of the classics, this Chief Architect specializes in the understanding of the psychology and the history behind the Chinese strategy culture. Beside speaking, reading and writing the language, we also understands the generalities and specifics of the Chinese strategy mindset. Through our eclectic set of skills, we collaboratively build this unique strategic process that enables any project team to collaborate anywhere regardless of technology, distance and project culture.

In future entries, we will explain the connections between the Chinese strategy classics and our Compass AE process.

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