Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are Your Telecommuting Professionals Connected to Collaborate?

The Bay Area Air Quality Board declared today as "Spare The Air Day". They suggested that people who work in office, should telecommute from home.

Information on
Spare The Air Day can be found here and here.

From Commuterchoice (as of June 30, 2006), there are over 200 worksites; 350,000 employees participating in some sort of telecommute (also known as telework) programs.

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The questions of the day are:
  • Are these telecommuters effectively connected to their corporate office in terms of collaborative operations?
  • Are their e-conference meetings efficient?
  • Are the telecommuters operating efficiently as a virtual/distant team
If not, do they have a Compass for their team to collaborate with?

What kind of Compass should they have? Compass AE.

More to come.

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