Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Copy of Six Secret Teachings book to the First Two Participants of the Informative Interview

Collaboration360 Consultants is offering a free copy of Dr. Ralph Sawyer's Six Secret Teachings to the first two people who participates in our informational interview. This 30 minute interview focuses on the participant's personal experience of distance collaboration.

This limited offer is extended to two different participants; other restrictions apply.

Interested candidates may contact us at service [ aat ] collaboration360 [dott] com. After the candidate is chosen, we will provide further information. We reserve the right to modify or rescind this offer at any time.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

A Positive Referral from Another Client

"... Your Compass AE methodology is an awesome pathway to success! From the international conglomerate to the lemonade stand down the road, I can't think of any organization that wouldn’t benefit from putting together a Tangible Vision. It's helped us create an award-winning website and build strong relationships based on trust with our overseas partners. ...
Enable the right professionals with Compass AE—it will be hard NOT to excel in whatever your endeavor might be! Thanks C360! ..." - Of Course Lion Source

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Different Applications of the Tangible Vision

Recently, we have worked with different groups of people in applying the Tangible Vision to their endeavors.

In one case, we guided the founders of an Asian wireless startup in understanding their goal, their direction and the circumstances that comes with it. . By enabling them to collaboratively built three "connective" Tangible Visions (from a top down viewpoint), they
were able to see the entire directional path toward their goal.

The first one is the "Grand" Tangible Vision that focused on the grand goal and the direction of their company. It also delineates the values of their mission and the
identity of the senior management.

The second Tangible Vision is the "Marketing" Tangible Vision that complements the first one in how the marketing team is going to complete their goal.

The third Tangible Vision
complements the second one. It is the product development team's big picture on how to complete their goal. The completion of this stage enables the marketing team to complete their Tangible Vision.

In future entries, we will include a diagram that displays how the Tangible Vision works from the top level of senior management to the level of implementers.

- More to come -

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Competing in the Global Marketplace: Challenges of Remote Collaboration

In the international marketplace, Global-bounded companies are faced with the dilemma of synchronizing the work of their remote collaboration teams. Working interdependently, unifying teams under one direction and having efficient meetings are the major challenges for these teams.

The challenge of working interdependently
Our research shows that people involved in remote collaboration struggle to work interdependently as a team. The lack of day-to-day interactions prevents the team from being connected and unified. The problem of making decisions without input from other team members is pertinent.

The challenge of unifying teams under one direction
When there is uncertainty in the goal and specifics connected to it, unifying remote teams under one direction becomes difficult. A non-unified team does not collaborate and is usually ineffective.

The challenge of efficient meetings
Efficient meetings are difficult in remote collaboration situations when team members are not unified in one absolute direction. There is a tendency to be distracted by local issues that divert the focus toward the strategic matters of the current project. The effects of inefficient meetings are poor decision-making and poor managerial control.

In summary, the negative effects of these challenges have a tendency to create vicious cycles. Time and money are wasted and team morale suffers. Progress towards the grand goal is impeded or never advances.

If project managers and their team members cannot resolve these basic collaborative challenges, how can they function when distance and culture become relevant?

--- More to come ---

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Collaboration 360 Recommends

If you are in need of a great game and wireless developer, I recommend the services of Gibson Tang, founder of Wavefront Systems. (He is located in Singapore.) Worked with him on several projects.
Noticed that Mr. Tang is a superb problem solver and quite an innovative thinker. He is humble and committed to achieving quality in all of his pursuits.

His ability to go with the flow is superb.
Seen situations where clients kept on changing the requirements and he adjusted to it without a glitch. Mr. Tang stay focused on the target and kept moving toward the target on time and on budget.

Mr. Tang's product development skills is A1.

Currently working with Gibson on another technical endeavor as a project strategist. This C360 Chief Architect highly endorses his technical work and professionalism. Mr. Tang
is the "professional" professional.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A White Paper on Compass AE Solution in Telecommuting

In the next few weeks, we will release a white paper on using our Compass AE process in telecommuting situations. If you are interested in viewing it, please contact us at service [at] collaboration360 [dot] com.