Monday, May 5, 2008

The Basics of Compass AE (Inspired by the Chinese Strategy Classics)

Assess The Big Picture Before Building the Tangible Vision
It is important for a project team to assess their grand settings before building their Tangible Vision.

After estimating the advantages in accord with what you have heard, put it into effect with strategic power supplemented by field tactics that respond to external factors. As for strategic power, it is controlling the tactical imbalance of power in accord with the gains to be realized.
--- The Art of War, 1

Once a Compass team assesses their grand settings, they determine the advantages and the disadvantages of different conditions. Then the collaborative process of building their Tangible Vision begins.

Once the Team connected with the Tangible Vision, they are able to lead with it
One who excels at warfare seeks victory through the strategic configuration of power, not from reliance of men. Thus he is able to select men and employ strategic power." --- The Art of War, 5

The compass of the built Tangible Vision sets the realistic standards that team must comply with.
Once the Compass team leads with the Tangible Vision, they maneuver with momentum and timing.

One who employs strategic power commands men in battles if he were rolling logs and stones. The nature of wood and stone is to be quiet when stable but to move when on precipitous ground. If they are square, they stop, if round they tend to move. Thus the strategic power of one who excels at employing men in warfare is comparable to rolling round boulders down a thousand-fathom mountain. Such is the strategic configuration of power. - The Art of War, 5


Does your strategic collaborative process
do that?

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In future entries, we will explain how the Compass AE process enables your team complete their project while minimizing costs and mitigating risks.

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