Monday, March 26, 2007

General Information on Collaboration360 Consultants

Business Service
Collaboration360 trains project teams of emerging companies to operate as a team regardless of the distance, the technology and project culture by using our Compass AE methodology.

Compass AE methodology enables remotely-located project teams in achieving synchronized efficiency.

Company History
In late 2002, a group of techies were in search of a new niche to compete in the global marketplace. They noticed that there was a great need for better collaboration between people located in remote sites. From their own personal experience and research, they agreed that the current solution of using technology as a collaborative tool is not effective in terms of getting people to collaborate, and that quick technological access to people did not mean effective collaboration was occurring. They decided to develop a strategic solution that redefines "collaboration" based on the following definition: "… collaboration is unified teamwork that exceeds all barriers of distance, technology, and culture…"

For the next few years, they spend their
researching and prototyping a methodology that satisified the following point: "… A team that collaboratively defines and unifies with their big picture (with proper specifics), will collaboratively implement it as a team regardless of distance, technology, and project culture…"

Collaboration360 Consultants is c
urrently seeking companies who have remote-located teams who need team collaborative guidance.



If you like more information on our services, please contact us at this link.

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