Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Benefits that Comes from a Collaboratively Built and Connected Tangible Vision

“One who excels at warfare will await events in the situation without making any movements. When he sees he can be victorious he will arise; if he see he cannot be victorious he will desist. Thus it is said he doesn’t have any fear, he doesn’t vacillate. Of many harms that can beset any army, vacillations is the greatest. Of disasters that can befall an army, none surpasses doubt.” – Six Secret Teachings, 26


When the Compass team collaboratively builds and connects with their Tangible Vision, they are familiarized with the priorities and the approaches to completing their goal and the circumstances that can occur.

They also know their role and responsibilities in certain situations.

The team collaboratively trust each other and know that everyone is accountable.

At the end, the Compass team is always decisive in their actions as a team and continually trusts their Tangible Vision.

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