Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Positive Referral from Our Client

For the last few months, Collaboration360 consultants have been testing the Compass AE methodology at a small software company in Singapore. The client "Gibson Tang of Wavefront Systems" has been impressed with the process that he wrote the following recommendation.


The Importance of the Big Picture and Taking a Long Term View

My friend M.E. Hom at recently assisted me in managing projects by understanding the big picture and using it to collaborate with others.

Mr. Hom is a project management consultant, a team collaborative specialist and an expert in Ancient Chinese strategies such as Sun Zi’s Art of War. He spent the last few years, working on this “big picture” process that empowers a team to collaborate anywhere. This “big picture” strategy is based on the strategy fundamentals of the Eight Strategy Classics of Ancient China.

While Mr. Hom calls it his team collaborative strategy “Compass AE”, the Tangible Vision is the “big picture” component of Compass AE.

Early this year, he showed me the basics of the Tangible Vision. We worked on a Tangible Vision for a recent project of mine. I used it to make sure that I stayed on course with my project. It was also my guide when I was conversing with my client. With the Tangible Vision, I kept my eye on the target while my mind on the various details surrounding the outcome. After two months of playing with it, I understand how a well-detailed big picture can assist me in the strategic side of the project management.

I am not a marketing guy, but I know that it would work for a marketing project team that requires people located at different remotes. He explained to me the team collaboration psychology that empowers people to collaborate as a team.

I am in accord with Mr. Hom’s unified concept of team collaboration: When a team collaboratively builds and connects with their Tangible Vision (the big picture), they will collaboratively lead with it as a team. They will collaborate anywhere regardless
of the technology, the distance and the project culture.

If you have a project team whose members are located at different places and need some guidance in getting them to collaborate well as a team.

You can visit Mr. M.E. Hom at


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