Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Endorsement of Our Strategic Assessment Process (3)

An endorsement from a Chinese scholar who specializes in the history of Chinese Siege Warfare.

"It is obvious that Mr. Hom understands, at a very fundamental level, the basic principles of Sunzi's Art of War. However, what makes this truly remarkable is that Hom takes this knowledge one step further. The fundamentals of warfare set out in Sunzi's Art of War are as applicable on the battlefield as they are in the cutthroat business environment of today.

Mr. Hom's ability to translate the Art of War principles into a strategic business assessment methodology is quite innovative. It is easy to understand and simple to apply. I believe that his process will be a positive boon to the business professionals who seek a more holistic and comprehensive approach to running, managing and expanding their ventures."
- Liang Jieming, Author of Chinese Siege Warfare: Mechanical Artillery & Siege Weapons of Antiquity

More information on Mr. Liang's book can be found at

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