Friday, August 17, 2007

The Importance of Collaborative Preparation

Our Compass AE training is about collaboratively preparing as a project team in terms of knowing their goal and the specific objectives that must be completed. @ the same time, the team also knows how to manage themselves in terms of changes, consenscus, contingency and consequences.

With Compass AE, your team can collaborate anywhere regardless of the technology, the distance and the project culture.

The question for the day: Does your project team to do that?

[ Thoughts on Proper Preparation ]
  • "Preparation Precedes Performance"
  • "Proper Preparation Prevents Pissed, Poor Performance"
  • "The Will To Prepare" is more important than "The Will to Win".
  • "Know when and how to prepare is the first stage of preparation. ... Knowing what and how to plan is the next stage. ..."
  • "Preparation Pays Profits when Preparation meets Opportunity. ..."
  • Preparation + Opportunity = Success.
# # #
  • "The plan is nothing; . . . the planning is everything." - Dwight Eishenhower, the Grand Thinker of the "1944 D-day invasion of Normandy, France
  • "Failure to Prepare is to Prepare to Failure." - Bill Walsh, the Architect of the West Coast Offense. Former Coach of San Francisco Forty Niners (Super Bowl Champions 1981-82, 1984-85, and 1988-89).
  • " ... Organization leads to preparation. . . . Preparation eliminates the unexpected. Be ready for everything. . . . Overlook nothing. ... " - Brian Billick, Current Head Coach of Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl Champions 2000-2001)- A Walsh's Prodigy.
  • "If you have a plan, and if you have your direction laid out, you can chart your progress to your dreams at each stop along the way. ... And just as important, all along the way you can see how far you've come." - Michael Shanahan, Current Head Coach of the Denver Broncos (Super Bowl Champions 1997-1998, 1998-1999) - Another Walsh Prodigy.

Collaborative Preparation is the key to Compass Collaboration.

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