Sunday, August 3, 2008

Collaboration 360's Latest Compass AE Success

/// A few months ago, we mentioned that we were working with an organization on a remote collaboration project. The project is over. It was a success

For the last few months, we worked with Lois Gomes, the Chairperson of the Oakland Youth Games committee in organizing their Youth Games. It was our first real test for Compass AE.

[side bar: Compass AE is our strategic collaborative management process (SCMP) that enables teams of implementers to collaborate anywhere as a team regardless of the technology, the distance and the project culture.]

We instructed Ms. Gomes on the fundamentals of Compass AE by guiding her in the building of her Tangible Vision. It began by defining the specifics for her grand picture and her operational objectives.

By understanding the completeness (wholeness) of her project, she became aware of the grand picture of her project. Ms. Gomes also understood the connection
between each milestone together from a strategic viewpoint.

Once the Youth Games began, the operational side (of this event) went off without a major glitch.

Our Compass AE process enabled Ms. Gomes (and her team) to do the following:
  • understanding the critical path;
  • avoiding negative situations while focusing on positive situations;
  • anticipating opportunities;
  • adjusting strategically;
  • shaping the Tangible Vision; and
  • leading by strategic collaboration.
Ms. Gomes comprehension of how the objectives of her current milestone were connected with the grand picture, allowed her to make quality strategy decisions. (We referred this action as "Leading with the Tangible Vision.").

The Collaboration360 team is happy to say that it was a success for the Youth Games organizers and our distance collaboration process. ...

This is a small victory for us. There are many, more miles for us to walk before we sleep.

In a future entry or our next white paper, we will explain the specifics on how our collaborative process was successfully used.

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