Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Influence with the Tangible Vision (1)

In this entry, will discuss the strategic side of Compass AE.

With the Tangible Vision, the implementers of the project team influences (shi 势 ) the completion of the goal through indirectness, not through the use of direct forces (li 力).

Objective: Influence the completion by aligning the forces toward the target.

Following are the the four
steps to creating the proper influence:
1. Identifies the Zheng (given) and Qi (unorthodox) variables;
2. Creates favorable match-ups by determining the mismatches;
3. Creates favorable situations by determining
the momentum and timing of those variables; and
4. Takes the initiative to implement the influence.

Amateurs talk about the Will to Win. It is the "Will to Prepare" that counts. To build a good Tangible Vision, it takes a great deal of time and patience to achieve it.

The amount of time the project team takes to build the Tangible Vision is inversely proportionally to the amount of time the team takes to lead (implement) the Tangible Vision.

When a team masters their Compass as a team, they can achieve great things.

--- More to come ---

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