Tuesday, June 26, 2007

COMPASS AE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What collaborative principle is Compass AE based on?

A: A team that collaboratively builds and connects with a tangible mission plan will implement the mission plan as a team regardless of the distance, the technology and the culture.

Q: What is so unique about our process of collaboratively building and connecting with a tangible mission plan?
A: As the implementers build their plan, they see the big picture. They also see the subtle connections within the grand goal, ensuring that they understand its purpose completely. The trainees also learn a lot about each other while building this tangible mission plan from how each member operates as an individual to how they interact in a team setting.

Q: What is the Tangible Vision?
A: The Tangible Vision is a goal, a plan that a Compass AE project team collaborates through. It also emphasizes a clearly-defined vision or mission statement that a team believes in.

Q: What is the Compass Cycle?
A: A revolving collaborative process called Build, Connect and Lead with the Tangible Vision.

Q: How does Compass AE work in terms of global collaboration?
A: The Compass team operates interdependently while being connected to its Tangible Vision. This ensures that each action aligns with the standards of the Tangible Vision. Whenever a change to their Tangible Vision occurs or a clarification is needed, they understand how to assemble the team and re-focus their attention on re-aligning the Tangible Vision toward the grand goal.

Q: Do we have a white paper on Compass AE?
A: Yes. If you are interested, please contact us at service[aat]collaboration360[dott]com

Q: How does our Compass AE training program work?
A: We start by interviewing the client to understand their current project and its details, the project team, the project culture, and the technology used. Then we lead a three-day seminar during which we guide the client's project team in understanding how to build, connect and lead with a Tangible Vision.

They Build and Connect their own Tangible Vision that they will Lead within the next seven to ten days. After the seminar, the client determines whether the Collaboration 360 advisor should assist in the monitoring of the team to ensure that there is proper collaboration during their process of Leading with their Tangible Vision.

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If you are interested in knowing how Compass AE works, please contact us at service [aattt] collaboration360 [dottt] com. We have a white paper ready for your reading.

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