Monday, June 9, 2008

The Tangibility of the Tangible Vision

When a young project team builds a project plan, the expectations are usually high. Without a well-defined strategic overview, there are usually setbacks that cause the following: higher implementation costs, amplified risks, slow delivery time, uninsured quality, and unused opportunities.

There is usually frustration and waste.

From each setback, the quantity and quality of project team's wisdom usually increases.

The actual outcome rarely corresponds with the expectations of the goal.

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When a Compass team builds their Tangible Vision, they get a specific "top down" overview that enables them to find technical problems and answers about their goal and the connecting objectives. When the specifics of the goals and the objectives do not complement and connect to each other, problems arises (i.e., rising operating costs, risks, slow delivery of outcome, etc.)

They also discovered answers of innovation through the "
complementary" connections of the specific objectives to the grand goal.

We will discuss the "Return on Investments" aspect of the Compass AE process in a later entry.

The lesson that we have learned from building, connecting and leading with the Tangible Vision is: "The expectations of the initial plan never exceeds the expectations of the implementing team"

With the Tangible Vision, the project team always know the tangibility of their goal and objectives.

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