Friday, November 9, 2007

Does your Project Team Anticipate or React?

One who excels at warfare, seeks victory through the strategic configuration of power, not from reliance on men. Thus he is able to select men and employ strategic power.
- Sunzi Art of War, Chapter 5: Strategic Power


Ever work on projects where people are reacting not anticipating? They work from a ground up perspective that prevents them to connect to the specific objectives and the grand goal.

In some cases, people say that is ok.

Some of the news media and business leaders propagates the message of immediate results and instant gratification without any regard to long-range objectives. It also propels the concept of grinding it out is acceptable because it is so romantically adventurous.

From our view, the grinders are those who possess no tangible vision and relies on a tactical checklist to complete their objectives. They waste time and money by replicating tasks while squandering away important resources that can be used for something else.

When smart people are collaborating, they need to view the big picture while deciding on their objectives and task lists. Then determining how everything connects as one unit.

With Compass AE, smart people can do that.

The Compass project team is usually strategically positioned to stay ahead of the change curve instead of grinding it out step by step. There is no guessing or paralysis in analysis in understanding the goal and objectives during the Compass Cycle, They are always two steps ahead of the game. With their Tangible Vision, the Compass team anticipates the opportunities while prepared for negative circumstances.

When the the change curve is steep and deep, the Compass AE team looks for the critical path of least resistance.

The bottom line is that the Compass team is strategically positioned for all general and specific situations. Remember, being
ahead of the curve is always more fun than grinding step by step.


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