Saturday, November 24, 2007

A 360* View From the C360 Desktop

As a strategist, it is always a challenge to explain to potential clients about doing the right thing.

Following are some of the things that they do not consider:
  • The importance of thinking long-term;
  • The importance of mastering the basics while implementing elaborate plays;
  • There is a risk and reward in everything;
  • The flaws behind managing their team in transition;
  • The importance of having a positional overview instead of grinding day by day;
  • The importance of seeing a tangible path in each and every venture;
  • The importance of preparing for the up-cycle during the down-cycle; and
  • The importance of devising a complete strategy.

These potential clients tell us that they do not have a problem, but they ask for our viewpoints. ... Just another day.

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