Friday, February 20, 2009

The Realities of Strategic Project Management

We understand the essentials of strategy through experience and execution. With our process, you will be able to do the following:
  • Minimizing costs;
  • Mitigating risks;
  • Accelerating delivery;
  • Maximizing opportunities;
  • Ensuring quality.

Beside devising marketing strategies for startups, we also specializes in strategic project management.


The following set of concepts is from Bob Lewis, one of my favorite IT project writers.

The KJR Manifesto's 13 concepts whose principal virtue is that they work:
  1. There are no best practices, only practices that fit best.
  2. To optimize the whole you must sub-optimize the parts.
  3. Bad metrics are worse than no metrics.
  4. Relationships precede process.
  5. Relationships outlive transactions.
  6. Don't confuse documentation with reality.
  7. Before you can be strategic you have to be competent.
  8. Big solutions that work start as small solutions that work.
  9. Customers are external. Internal customers aren't.
  10. Don't run IT as a business, run it in a business like way.
  11. There are no IT projects.
  12. Digest with intestines, think with brain.
  13. Every employee is irreplaceable.

All of his project management books and materials
are great. We recommended it.


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Excellent article. Thanks. That list really rings true.

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