Saturday, February 28, 2009

Transforming Crisis Into Opportunities (2)

A continuation of an earlier thread (Assess, Position and Implement).

The key to transforming crisis (or chaos) into opportunity is to have the advantage of time and resources. Focus on detailed assessment, specific planning and solid preparation. The key is to maximize one's opportunities by establishing a Compass strategy (a Tangible Vision) that delineates your strategic overview. The strategic overview should be an organized set of priorities, approaches and circumstance that you can operate from.

When negotiating with an opposing party, assess the competitive position of each side. Then, determine who has the advantage of time and resources. Do not rush into the situation. Properly build a detailed plan based on assessed data. The greater your advantage of time and resources is, the greater your leverage becomes. Always assess the targeted party with a prepared strategic plan.

From the framework of 36 Stratagems

Loot a burning house ( 趁火打劫; Chèn huǒ dǎ jié)

When an organization is affected by an incremental streak of internal conflicts, then it will be unable to deal with an outside threat. This is the time to seize the opportunity to reap the rewards. Maintain the gathering of internal information about the strategic position of the opposing party. If he/she is currently in its weakest state ever, pursue it without any emotion. Maximize the opportunity to the fullest.

Watch the fires burning across the river ( 隔岸觀火; Gé àn guān huǒ)

Maintain the gathering of internal information on the position of the competitor. When the competitor is at its weakest, seize the opportunity without any emotions.

Delay the entering of the competition arena until all the other players are exhausted from their own internal conflict. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.

Implement this "Opportunistic Stratagem" in situations where vulnerabilities can be exploited. As one capitalizes on all opportunities, the advantage continuously grow.

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Moneyed Chinese come house hunting
Andrew S. Ross Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cash-rich Chinese coming to do some house hunting

Call it a bailout from the East. Approximately 40 Chinese real estate investors are winging their way from Beijing today looking to snap up foreclosed and otherwise "distressed" properties in the Bay Area and California. The trip, put together by Beijing real estate portal SouFun Holdings Ltd. and Fortune Group Realty Co. in Pittsburgh, is one of several such Chinese house hunting groups to visit the U.S. periodically. But the timing of this one appears to be particularly fortuitous, on both sides of the Pacific. "It's good for Chinese investors who see lots of opportunities," said Fortune Group vice-president Andrew Hang Chen. "It's also good for the American economy, at least on a small scale."

Homes, apartment buildings and other commercial property in the region are on the shopping list. First stop on the 10-day trip is Los Angeles, followed by the Bay Area, then to Las Vegas. Apparently, the group won't have to worry about mortgages and such. "They have cash, believe me," said Chen.


Rick said...

I'm reading Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" right now. It's all about making the most of our opportunities.

C360 Consultants said...

In California and other parts of the world, it is hunting season for the bargain hunters.