Friday, December 19, 2008

A Thank You Note

Last month we did a presentation on applying Sunzi's The Art of War in business. We also demonstrated the basic framework of our process.

Following are comments from Dr Fellman, the Professor of International Strategy from University of Southern New Hampshire

"M.E. Hom has taken the ancient strategic writings of Sun Tzu (Sunzi) and incorporated them into a modern international project management methodology of unusually sophistication, flexibility and practicality. He combines the best elements of competitive intelligence, strategic planning and contemporary business theory into a process which can be practically applied by managers around the world.

Mr. Hom has been a frequent and well-appreciated guest lecturer in our MBA and MS courses and I give his process my highest recommendation. ..."

- Dr. Phil Fellman, Professor of International Business, University of Southern New Hampshire

His comment on one of our previous presentations
The Chinese students said that on the Mainland, they don't study Sun Tzu, so they found it very interesting and also very new. They were deeply impressed by your level of knowledge and I was very grateful to have you as a guest lecturer. -Dr. Phil Fellman

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