Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Assess the Grand Situation Before 2009

As another year passes, the global economy is getting tighter. The intensity of competition becomes greater. So what is your strategic move?

Those with the skills and the proper network will thrive . Those who don't have one of the two will survive through their basic instincts, until a grand opportunity is created and maximized.

Five simple questions:
q: What is your approach to assessing the grand economy?
q: How do you assess your position in this grand economy?
q: How do you assess your competitor's position in this grand economy?
q: What macro and micro variables are you using for your assessment?
q: What is your foundation for assessing the grand picture?

Forget about politics. Focus on understanding the grand picture first. Understand what object connects to what. Unless the competitors have the grand political influence and/or the grand access to the top tier of the value chain, the politics should not matter that much.

Understand your strategic position and how its connects to the grand picture.

Know what is your grand picture. Then, build your grand plan based on it.

Where there is a crisis, there are opportunities.

By assessing properly, one can either creates it, finds it or waits for it. This is the Dao of Strategy.

2009 should be our year of thriving, not surviving.

Good luck!

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