Saturday, June 7, 2008

C360 View on Why Good Strategies Fail (Part 2)

When your project team implements their plan, do they know how tangible is it?

If their plan is not tangible, the team will disbelieve it. In most
cases, they will not complete it to the best of their ability!? ... What do you think the chances of that project ever becoming a success? ... What is the probability of their project being completed on time, on budget and on target?

Before a team defines their project plan, they must know what are their goals and objectives. This planned outcome enables a team to know what their grand goal is. Many project plans fails because of the misunderstanding of the specifics behind the goaIs.

The Compass team establishes the Tangible Vision ("the big picture") by defining their goals and objectives in terms of their needs, their time line, their effort. their viability, their value, and the sustainability of the goal. The next step is the transformation of those project specifics in simple guidelines.

Once the Compass team has built and connected with their Tangible Vision, they will have strategic overview of their goals, their objectives and the approach to completing it.
(More data on building the Tangible Vision later.)

Does your team know how to do it?

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