Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Essence of the Tangible Vision

"Skate to where the puck is going, Not to where it has been." --- Wayne Gretzky

Whether it is a sporting event or managing a project, my focus is on the current moment while determining what will happen next. It is a skill that people can master. Whether they want to do it is a different story.

Regardless of the competitive arena, the professionals focus on their objectives while minding the big picture. They usually follow where the momentum of trends is heading to. Depending on the skill level and the resources of the strategist, he goes with it or intercepts it. Sometimes, he reverses it. This skill level is what distinguish the professionals from the masses of amateurs.

(fyi- The
Chinese strategic classics emphasizes this point with clarity.)


A well-written Tangible Vision focuses on where the goal is going to take the implementers to. It delineates the direction,
the values, the risk and rewards, etc. If the specifics of the goal are right, the foundation for delineating the operational side is established.

The more tangible the specifics of the goal are, the more predictable the operation will be coming. Do you know what those specifics are?

The Tangible Vision is more than an endpoint. It is a strategic overview. The team collaboratively uses it to decide on strategic matters and long term objectives.

Building the Tangible Vision
The client and I would usually establish the ideal outcome, the
direction and the connections from outcome to milestones. The next step is building the specifics for each milestone. The final step is building the operational steps that matches the operating specifics for each milestone.

The guidelines stated in the Tangible Vision become the strategic standard for the team to make decisions with. They know the positives and the negatives based on anticipated situations. The Tangible Vision also guides the team on when and how to adapt the changes, who is the consensus, etc.

After estimating the advantages in accord with what you have heard, put it into effect with strategic power supplemented by field tactics that respond to external factors. As for strategic power, it is controlling the tactical imbalance of power in accord with the gains to be realized. --- The Art of War, 1

Connecting with The Tangible Vision
The team connects with their Tangible Vision when they understand the connections between each milestones from start to finish.

Leading with The Tangible Vision
Once a team properly built and connected with their Tangible Vision, they lead with it. With their Tangible Vision, the team members focuses on their own objectives while minding the big picture.

They also do the following:
  1. Understand the critical path;
  2. Avoid the negatives, focus on positives;
  3. Anticipate opportunities;
  4. Adjust strategically;
  5. Shape the Tangible Vision; and
  6. Lead by strategic collaboration

If your strategic process does not enable your team to do the above, it is time for you to review your approach.

Those who know the big picture and the fundamentals that leads to the big picture, are ahead of the game.


By using our Compass AE process, you and your project team are able to out-do your competition in terms of faster execution, minimize costs, mitigate risks, etc. We will touch on these important points later.

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