Sunday, December 23, 2007

What makes a Good Risktaker? (1)

Efficient Strategy development is about balancing the goal and the objectives.

The following set of questions determines the type of goal pursuer that you are and
the type of risk that you are willing to take.

Regardless of your fishing style, what body of water do you prefer to fish at, the pond? the lake? the river? or the ocean?


The pond is for the low achievers who prefer low risk and small catches. It is greatly affected by small climate change. For those who want more risk and a larger catch, they might choose the lake.

The river is for the greater risk takers who are willing to wait or go with the flow of the water. The X factor is the climate effect (constant change). Finally, there are those who love a wide variety of catches, a fast velocity of change and the constant dramatic change of climate, prefers the

The choice of the "body of water", its grand settings, and seasonal climates determine the proficiency level of
achievement, difficulty and risk. This is "The Dao of the Fisherman". This is also "The Dao of Strategy".

Always remember this rule: "The greater the catch, the greater the risk, the greater the reward for the strategist. . . . Always follow the Dao."

So what type of fisherman
(strategist) are you?


When building the Tangible Vision, it is important to know the risks that lead to the grand rewards.

In future articles, we will focus on how does goal setting and risk applies to the Compass AE process.

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Rick said...

Good post. Some days it makes sense to be a low risk taker just to conserve one's resources. Other days, with a good reserve to rely on (or maybe none at all, on the other hand) it makes sense to take a much larger risk.

Everything in it's season.

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