Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Assess the Grand Situation ( Material covered from the C360 Presentation on Applying Sun Tzu (Sz) Art of War principles to the Global Economy)


To master the Sun Tzu's (Sunzi) Art of War (Chinese Strategy Mindset), it starts with the understanding of Chapter 1 "Assessments" (aka Estimates, Calculations, etc)

Step 1: Assess from the Field Level
  • Disposition (of the Implementers) - Identify and assess the situation(s) before the conflict even begin.
  • Strategic Advantage- Identify and assess the momentum and the timing within each identified macro cycle.
  • Weaknesses and Strengths- Identify and assess the best match-ups.

Step 2: Assess from the Field Level (2)
  • Terrain- Identify and assess the obstacles.
  • Nine Grounds- Identify and assess the tactical situations.
  • Nine Variables- Identify and assess the technical realities of the mission.

Step 3: Assess the Top View (1)

  • Planning Offensives- Identify and assess the Tangible Path that enables the completion of the mission promptly.
  • Marches - Identify and assess the strategic leadership challenges of the mission.
  • Maneuver for Advantage- Identify and assess the deployment before and after each identified situation.

Step 4: Assess the Top View (2)

  • Use of Competitive Intelligence- Identify and assess the current state of competitive intelligence.
  • Waging the Operation- Identify and assess the tangible costs and consequences of launching the plan
  • Use of Influence- Identify and assess what influences can be or are in play and what influences are available.

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