Friday, October 5, 2007

The Benefits from Collaboratively Building and Connecting a Tangible Vision (2)

"This one who excels at warfare first establishes himself in a position when he cannot be defeated while not losing [any opportunity] to defeat the enemy. For this reason, the victorious army first realizes the conditions for victory, and then seeks to engage in battle. The vanquished army fights first. and then seeks victory . " - Sun Zi's Art of War : Chapter 4 Dispositions

With Compass AE, a project team leads with their Tangible Vision. They can perform the following:
* Determine the critical path;
* Avoid the negatives while focus on the positives;
* Foresee challenges;
* Position strategically;
* Shape the goal; and
* Collaborate through a Character-Based Leadership.

When those six steps are achieved, they are positioned to succeed.

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