Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Upcoming Event for the C360 Chief Architect

This coming December, the C360 Chief Architect of Collaboration360 Consultants will be speaking at a local businessman club in Oakland, California.

The topic is
"Sun Zi's the Art of War: Applying Ancient Chinese Strategy to the Global Economy"

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Following is the preliminary draft of his speech:.

* Introduce to the audience the basics of Sun Zi Art of War
* Discuss the current role of Sun Zi in the global economy

* Introduction of myself
* Who is Sun Zi
* Who has been using it
* Mentioned in the news media
* Number of books published

What is the "Ancient Chinese Strategy Mindset"
* Complete the grand goal by determining the critical path.
* Avoid the negatives and focus on the positives
* Formlessness and Foreknowledge
* Prepare by Positioning Strategically
* Shape the Goal
* Lead by Character.

Recommended Translations

Questions and Answers


- More to come -

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