Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Way of Strategy (13): What Makes An Expert

1. a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority: a language expert.

We at C360 Consulting Group are always amazed that the news media has a tendency of interviewing experts who claim that they are the consummate know-it all about a specific subject matter.

Most of them are quite polished in their messages and their viewpoints. Some are extremely biased in their opinions. Our assessment tells that some of these experts are indirectly paid by larger companies to push their products and services. It is uniquely rare that there is not an expert who is not promoting their wares or someone else's product and services.

Our gripe with some of these so-called experts is that they cannot connect their viewpoints and the current scenario with the grand picture of the masses.

Many years ago, our old consulting mentor told us the story behind the value chain of experts, The "Number One"-ranked expert is someone who gets the high profile interviews and contracts (based on his or her past historical achievements).

The "Number Two"-ranked expert is someone who sometimes does the TV news media commentary route when the "Number One" expert is not available. Invariably, he or she indirectly tells people that he/she should be number one. ...

Sometime both experts outsource the work to the other experts while they take the credit.

"Number Three"-ranked expert is the person who rarely promotes him or her selves. Instead, this expert focuses on promoting the profession. He/she receives most of the low profile, middle to upper middle level work and grinds away with very little complaint. Internally, this professional is consistently busy and happy.

When people asks "who is the best?" They would always humbly, pointed to themselves. But they will always say the "Number Three"-ranked expert is the second best. ..."

In our global society, the strong prevails over the weak consistently. However, the smart takes from the strong. ... Most "Number Three"-ranked experts are quite smart (and wise).

Regardless of the extremity of the competition,
the expert is someone who consistently maintains his or her competitive advantage by understanding how everything connects to the grand picture.

In life, "three" is a good number.

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