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The Way of Strategy (12): The Script (2)

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Sidebar: This post will appeal to the football fans.

As a reminder, the scripting action only works when one has properly assessed the opposition.

Q: How does one used the script to set up the opposition?
A: Some of the scripted run plays are used to set up for various play action pass. While other scripted pass plays are used to set for special run plays.

For example, the offensive coordinator might call a quick sweep on the second play, with the flanker involved in a fake reverse motion, (then a possible flea flicker). After the QB hands off the ball to the running back. He continues with a fake weakside rollout, with a motion of a pass toward a receiver who is sprinting down the field. After the 25 plays are implemented, the offensive coordinator tells the QB to signals this play, with some technical differences where he fakes the handoff, rolls out the weakside, passes the ball to the open man.

In the case of the pass play,, the offensive coordinator might call a short slant pass to the flanker isolated on the weakside. Later in the game, under similar situation, the QB implements the same play, fakes the pass and hands off the ball to the blocking halfback on a slow draw.

As mentioned before, the premise of the script is to reveal the opposition's tendencies that the implementer can exploit later.

In future posts, we will focus on transferring the assessed project data into a strategic overview and an operational script.


Sidebar: There are many ways to set up the opposition. In Ancient China, the military professionals used stratagems that can be found in the 100 Unorthodox Strategies book. We will discuss the topic of unorthodox strategies in a future post.

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