Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Dao of Strategic Assessment (37): Assessing the Grand Picture

To properly compete in the global economy, the successful strategist and his/her project team usually know what are their objectives. They assess their grand settings in order to determine what are their possibility of success. The assessment also acts as a compass for the strategist (and the team) to decide what circumstances work for them. The next step is the development of a grand strategic overview that is consisted of a goal, a set of strategic guidelines based on our PACE format, a listing of PACE-specific objectives.

Our process of delineating the goal is based on our interpretation of Sunzi (Sun Tzu) concepts and principles where we focus on the importance of the competitive position.

Once certain situations appears, the strategist and his/her team uses the strategic overview as a guide to connect the dots and reap rewards.

Our Compass AE process allows the strategic team to connect the dots by establishing a strategic overview that focuses on priorities, approaches and circumstances. It also depict the technical connections from the initial milestone to the concluding milestone.

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