Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strategic Valuation

We recently added a new strategic valuation module to our Compass AE process. Compass Implementers can now connect the outcome metrics from a Compass-driven project to the following:
  • the project revenue metrics (ROI);
  • the revenue impact to the market;
  • the company's quarterly revenue; and
  • the market share.
Can your strategic project team establish a projected set of numbers that is exactly close to the actual sales numbers?

If one wants the macro view of their situation, should he or she like to know the numbers that are behind it?

The key to proper competitive positioning is to make successful strategic decisions. Without the numbers, how can he or she make the right decisions?

We will discuss the specifics of this matter at a later post. If you are interested in knowing more about strategic valuation. please contact us at service[aatt]

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