Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Strategist as a Fisherman (3)

The Way of the Ultra Strategist:
creates the opportunities that lures their targets in, via transforming ordinary events into something extraordinary.

What is the Approach of the Ultra Strategist?
The strategist views the big picture. He builds his plan by assessing ideas, positioning events and choosing the best people to complete the goal. The key is the use of the Tangible Vision as his compass.

Do you have a strategic process that enables your team to perform the above?


Fishing, Nation and Attracting Talents-Six Teachings

(Tai Gong Six Teachings-Civil Teaching Chapter 1)

King Wen said:" I would like to hear about these greater principles."

Tai Gong said:" When the source is deep, water flows endlessly. When the water flows endlessly, fish spawn there. This is nature. When the roots of the trees are deep, the tree is tall. When the tree is tall, fruits are produced. This is nature. When men of true worth have views in common, they will come together. When they are drawn together, accomplishments can be achieved. This is nature. Speech and response are merely adornment of inner emotions. Speaking about the truth is the best. What I am about to say is all the truth without adornment, will you find it abhorrent?"

King Wen said:" Only a man of true benevolence can accept corrections and remonstrance. What makes you think I will be? Please continue."

Tai Gong continued:" When the fishing line is thin and the bait is glittering, only small fish will bite. When the line is thicker and bait is fragrant, medium sized fish will bite. When the line is thick and the bait is generous, large fish will bite. When the fish take the bait, they will be caught on the line. When men take salary, they will submit to their ruler. When you catch with bait, the fish can be killed. When you give remuneration, men can be made to exhaust their capabilities for you. If you regard families, as the basic foundation of state, the state is yours. If you use the state as your base to conquer the kingdom, you can conquer the kingdom."


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