Sunday, January 6, 2008

Competing in the Global Economy ( The Dao of Strategy)

Regardless of the sports and the event, mindless jocks and reporters give the same reasoning why a certain team will win the big game- emotion, individual speed, athleticism and the attitude. Rarely do they say anything that is significantly relevant regarding to the coming "big"game.

There are other important factors that also play a major role in the outcome of the game like talent, injuries, home-field advantage and big game experience.

To compete in the global economy, contemplate like a strategist, not a mindless, hooded jock-warrior dressed in a new suit. This is why ultra professionals like Phil Jackson and Belichek wins most of the time.

Conclusion: Good strategic thinking and implementation is like money in the bank.


During the early phase of our Compass AE development, we learned a great deal about how people devise their strategy. We concluded that their professional experience and skill set plays a grand role in viewing strategic situations and the big picture.

While most tacticians cannot perform the role of the grand strategist, many grand strategists cannot operate as a tactician.

Will touch on this topic later.

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