Sunday, January 4, 2009

Position with the Plan ( Building the Tangible Vision)

Regardless of having passion in one's endeavor, one must have a plan.

There are good plans and bad plans.

The challenge is building a plan that
enables you to do the following:
1. Focus on your objective while mind the Tangible Vision;
2. Avoid negative circumstances, while focusing on positive situations;
3. Maximize opportunities;
4. Adjust strategically;
5. Shape the Tangible Vision; and
6. Lead with strategic leadership .

When you can do that with your plan, you can make better decisions. You will stay on course and complete your goal regardless of the circumstances.

Does your current plan do that?

What is the Tangible Vision?
The Tangible Vision is a goal, a plan that you work with. It also emphasizes a clearly-defined vision or mission statement that you believe in.

The first step is establishing your desired "end-in-mind" with specific details. The ideal outcome must have the value points and a tangible model that you can relate to. It also encompasses the contra-position of the desired outcome.

The next step is building the specific guidelines for each milestone. Those guidelines are based on the priorities, the approach and various circumstances for that phase.

The final step is outlining the operational steps that match the specific guidelines for each milestone.

The guidelines stated in the Tangible Vision become the strategic standard for the implementer to make decisions with. They know the positives and the negatives based on anticipated situations.

The Tangible Vision also guides the implementer on when and how to adapt the changes, what are the contingencies, etc.

In a future post, we will talk more about the basics of the Tangible Vision.

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Rick said...

You can only get so far with enthusiasm, talent, or luck. A good plan that is well executed is essential.