Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cardinal Rule for the Global Economy

Cardinal Rule: If you are a high-end product thinker (or strategic implementer), always protect your ideas.

"Do not loan the handles of state- the power to grant rewards and inflict punishments- to other men. If you loan the handles of state to other men then you will lose your authority.

Do not loan sharp weapons to other men. If you loan sharp weapons to other men, you will be hurt by them and will not live out your allotted span of years.

Do not allow other men to snatch away your awesomeness. Rely on your wisdom. Follow the constant. Those who submit and accord with you treat generously with Virtue. Those that oppose you break with force. If you respect the people and are decisive, then All under heaven will be peaceful and submissive.
--- Jiang Tai Gong Six Secret Teachings (Sawyer X'lation) ///

Think, reflect, contemplate

/// note: Both pictures are from theAtlantic.com/thinkagain

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