Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Collaboration 360's Latest Tangible Vision (Project)

Working with a local nonprofit who is organizing a multi-day sport event. This event will take place in July 2008. It is consisted of running 10+ different sporting events at many remote sites. The distance between each site is somewhere between 0.5 mile to five miles.

Today, we guided them in building their first Tangible Vision (T/V). ... Their Tangible Vision is focused on managing many operational teams that are located at multiple locales. It outlined their specific objectives and how it connects to the rest of the Tangible Vision. ... The technical intent of their "T/V" is to ensure operational efficiency from start to finish while minimizing costs and mitigating risks.

Will explain more on this new project later this month.

If your company wants the project team to operate efficiently while reducing the project costs, mitigate their risks and accelerate the time to delivery, our Compass AE methodology enables your team to do that. We will be more than happy to tell you more about our process. There is no technology cost to it. This approach works with any type of technology you might have.

You can contact us at service[aatt]collaboration360 [ddott]com.

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