Thursday, May 1, 2008

Collaborating in the Global Economy: [The Ripple from High Gas Prices]

Rising oil prices mean less traveling. In the future, there will be more web conferencing, more virtual teams (on the high end side) and project teams learning how to collaborate as a team.

Those who travel, will not be performing at 100%.

Since most teams have problems operating from a close distance. What makes the management believe that they can get a virtual project team operating efficiently well!?.


From (April 24)
Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia?

Why is suburbia now threatened?

Cheap oil is what made suburbia possible. But we'll run into problems with spot shortages. As we get into trouble with these supplies, our economy will suffer. Major instabilities in the system will present themselves much sooner than we are led to believe. And by that I mean the way we produce food, the way we conduct commerce, and the way we move around.

When will all that happen?
The rise and fall of oil production is asymmetrical. In other words, it'll be a steeper, rockier tumble down than the steady increase going up. My own sense of things is that we will be in very serious trouble inside of five years.

How will the U.S. have to adapt?
Virtually anything organized on a grand scale is liable to fall into trouble—government, finance, corporate enterprise, agribusiness, schools. Our gigantic metroplex cities will prove to be inconsistent with the energy diet of our future. I think our smaller cities and towns will be reactivated. We are going to be a far less affluent society.

The Collaboration 360 solution to this dilemma is having a strategic project collaborative process that enables a team to collaborate regardless of the distance, the technology and the project culture.

You can find out more about our approach on solving this challenge of collaborating without borders by contacting us at service[aatt]collaboration[dott]com.

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