Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Build the Tangible Vision: Using the Fundamentals of Strategic Calculations from a Sun Zi Art of War viewpoint

Step 1 for building the Tangible Vision is performing the proper strategic assessments.
This can be achieved by studying the context in the mindmap.

Once the "strategic assessments" stage is completed, a project team of implementers can properly build a Tangible Vision. This enables them to view the big picture from the initial milestone to the grand goal.

Our Tangible Vision process also gives the team the capability to implement the following:
1. Complete the goal by determining the critical path;
2. Avoid the negatives and focus on positives;
3. Anticipate opportunities;
4. Perform proper pre-strategic positioning.
5. Shape the target; and
6. Lead by strategic collaboration.

When a collaborative group of implementers properly build a Tangible Vision, they will connect to it.

Does your strategic project process do that?

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