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Compass AE Test Case: What Happens When a Team Connects with the Tangible Vision

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Compass AE collaborative principle: When a project team collaboratively builds and connect with their Tangible Vision, their team morale is also being built.

Explaination: When the team collaboratively sees the goal, its rewards and the steps that are required to get there, they unifies with it, When they succeed , the team
morale is enhanced.


NFL coach: IT execs need more teamwork, leadership
Door: Jon Brodkin Network World (US)

Bill Belichick, coach of New England Patriots, an American football team, may know almost nothing about technology, but a packed room of IT executives listened attentively as the only NFL coach to ever win three Super Bowls in four years discussed how leadership, teamwork and preparation can help football and technology teams succeed.

Delivering a keynote address at last week's at the IDC IT Forum & Expo in Boston, Belichick described how drastically different leadership styles can provide equally effective results. Take for example, two of his players: the quiet lead-by-example style of wide receiver Troy Brown to the tough, hard-nosed nature of former Patriots linebacker Bryan Cox.

Cox, a member of the Patriots' first Super Bowl championship team, forcefully took the initiative to instill discipline in teammates during practice.

"He would grab a player and say 'if you go inside the next time you're supposed to go outside, I'm going to kill you.' That's the way Bryan did it. But it was in a positive way," Belichick said, eliciting laughs from the hometown audience that gave him two standing ovations before he even began speaking.

"They were both tremendous leaders," he said of Cox and Brown. "It's not about style, it's not about speeches. ... It's about attitude, hard work and unselfishness."

Belichick, wearing a suit instead of his trademark gray-hooded sweatshirt, was in a much better mood than he typically is during post-game press conferences. The coach downplayed what little knowledge he has about technology.

"I'm not going to be able to tell you anything about technology or anything technical. I can barely turn a computer on," he said. "I have had a little bit of experience with teamwork and leadership and preparation and things like that as it relates to the competitive nature of the NFL."

Belichick said he keeps a sign up at the Patriots practice facilities containing the Sun Tzu quote "every battle is won before it is fought," to remind players of the importance of preparation.

Belichick said he expects every player to know the team's strategy for each situation, even if it is outside a player's usual responsibilities. Even an offensive player should know what the defense is supposed to do after a pass interception, he said.

/* When the team connects with their Tangible Vision, everyone technically knows what are the roles and responsibilities of each member. */

"One of the questions I get a lot is ... 'how do you know when your team is prepared?'" Belichick said. "The answer is when everybody knows what to do. Were in a two-minute drill, a situation, a play's going on, we can't rely on one person to say this is what were supposed to do."

Belichick described how the Patriots often deal out penalties and rewards on a team-wide basis, so if one player makes a mistake, the entire team is punished.

/* This is an important team management component of the Tangible Vision. Establishing equality within the team is important*/

"If someone jumps offside, I just blow the whistle and everyone on the defensive team runs a lap around the whole perimeter of the field. I don't even say anything. Now that one guy who jumped offside is being yelled at (by fellow players) the entire time," Belichick said.

/* There is nothing like pressure coming from the team. */

The opposite happened during training camp of the 2004 season, during an incident Belichick says was crucial to the Patriots' third Super Bowl run. In the tenth day of training camp, players were hot, sweaty and sore, sick of practicing and sick of the coach himself, Belichick said. Patriots left tackle Matt Light asked Belichick to give the team a day off. Belichick responded "Matt, are you kidding me?" but agreed to honor the request if Light -- who is asked to handle the football only infrequently -- could catch a 50-yard punt. If Light dropped it, Belichick said everyone on the team would have to run 20 extra laps.

"That was one of the all-time team building moments because Troy Brown is going over to him telling him about the sun ... Deion Branch is talking to him about his feet and balance," Belichick said. "All this coaching is going on. Miraculously, Light catches it, but it was one of the best team-building moments our team had the entire year. ...One guy did it, everyone benefited and it brought the team together."

/* It is quite important to build the team morale before the project begins. Only amateurs believe in building the team morale during the product development stage (and sometimes during the implementation stage) of the project lifecycle. With our Compass AE's training program, team building exercises are included into the initial collaborative building and connecting the Tangible Vision process. */

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