Thursday, June 7, 2007

Usng the Shi (Strategic Advantage) to Complete the Tangible Vision

The world class strategist seeks his victory from strategic advantage (shi) and does not demand it from his men. He is thus able to select the right men and exploit the strategic . He who exploits the strategic advantage sends his men like rolling logs and boulders. It is the nature of logs and boulders and boulders that on flat ground, they are stationary, but on steep ground they roll; the square in shape tends to stop but the round tends to roll. Thus the strategic advantage of the world class strategist- commander in exploiting his men in battle can be likened to rolling round bounders down a steep ravine thousands of feet high says something about his strategic advantage. --- Sun Zi and The Art of Warfare (Chapter 5)

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What is the Strategic Advantage (Shi) behind Compass AE?
When a team collaboratively connects to their Tangible Vision, they also collaboratively connect to each other. This "Collaboration With Direction" approach is the strategic advantage that most emerging companies need to compete against the global companies.

Implementing this advantage properly and promptly is always the challenge.

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