Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Strategic Solution to a Chaotic Situation

Never depend on technology as the "one step" strategic answer.

If it fails, the contingency process should always be a combination of slightly low technology and an undisclosed set of detailed tactical steps.


Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:18 am EST

At Colorado, a blinded Zac Robinson is an angry Zac Robinson

By Matt Hinton

Colorado fans knew their struggling defense would need all the help it could get against Oklahoma State's high-flying offense Saturday night, and at least one dedicated Buff brought out the big guns -- lasers:

The jumpy laser-pointer from the crowd hit Robinson's visor and cost Oklahoma State a timeout before a 3rd-and-9 snap in the second quarter; video is here. (Hat tip: EDSBS)

That's no way to treat a native Coloradoan, but the light-wielding CU partisan(s) forgot that Zac Robinson and the rest of the Oklahoma State offense is used to having colors burned into their retinas before the snap:

The 3rd-and-9 play following the laser-induced timeout? A 29-yard touchdown pass from Robinson to Dez Bryant that put the Pokes up 13-0, the final margin in their 30-17 win. And you thought the clown-signal system was just a silly distraction.,122600

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