Sunday, August 24, 2008

C360's Compass View of Strategy (2)

To succeed in ones venture, ones intelligence gathering process must be correct.

If the gathered intelligence and the implementation of the strategic assessment process are correct, then the strategic assessment of the intelligence is valid.

If the strategic assessment is valid, the project team's plan of action (based on the strategic assessment) will be correct.

The C360 View:
When the Compass team properly gathers
intelligence, they assess themselves, the competition and their grand settings. Then, they collaboratively build the Tangible Vision.

By using the Tangible Vision, the team properly defines the grand goal, the tactical objectives, and the connections between the objectives and the goal. Then they delineate the tactical requirements of each objective.

When the Compass team leads with their Tangible Vision, they perform the following:
  • minimize the costs;
  • mitigate the risks;
  • accelerate the delivery;
  • maximize the opportunities;
  • ensure the quality
At the end, success is the absolute.

Does your process enable your team to do the above?

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