Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Compass AE Works: Connecting and Bonding with the Team

Some people believe that a team retreat activity is the solution for transforming a group of people into a team.
The aim of this activity is to get the individuals to bond with each other. By the end of the retreat, everyone is supposed to connect as a team. (That is so unrealistic!)

Regardless of how positive the outcome was, the effects are usually temporary. When the activity is over, the team resumed their assignments and forgets all about the "team" orientation from the past week 's retreat. Corporate resources are being wasted again on intangible "fun" activities.

Our research shows that the origins of this snafu are: the lack of a strategic overview and a specific plan on how the team operates as a team

The Way of Compass AE

Compass AE Collaborative Cycle

Principle: A team that collaboratively builds their Tangible Vision (our version of a strategic overview), will connect and lead with it as a team.

While the team are building a Tangible Vision for their "soon to be launched" project, they will collaboratively learn something about themselves as a team. Concurrently, they will also determine whether they can trust their teammate to complete their objective.

In order to complete a project, a group of individuals must operate as a team.

We discovered that people will connect and lead with their Tangible Vision as a team when there is a specific direction and a tangible connection for a grand aspiration that they can agree on. .

When your project team leads with the Tangible Vision, they can do the following:
  • Minimize their costs;
  • Mitigate their risks;
  • Maximize their opportunities;
  • Accelerate their delivery; and
  • Ensure quality
We will touch on the specifics on how a Compass project team can minimize their costs and mitigate their risks at a later time.

Can your project process enable your team to do that?


Collaboration360 Consultants can guide your project team in building and connecting their Tangible Vision within three days of our seminar.

If you are interested in knowing more about Compass AE, please contact us at Service[aatt]collaboration360 [ddott]com. We will be more than happy to tell you more about our process and how it can help your company to do more.


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