Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A List of Current Project Management Trends

1 "Within three years, about two-thirds of U.S. professionals will be mobile workers. ..." - International Data Corporation 2002.
/// It is only a matter of time that most project teams will be operating from a virtual office. The question is ... how will these teams stay connected as a team? In terms of communications, tools connect them. Does it connects the team as a collaborative team?

2 "... In a recent survey of 124 financial executives, only 21% said they encouraged value-creating behaviors. ..."- Deloitte Dbriefs Webcast, Driving Enterprise Value, October 14, 2004
/// When building a Tangible Vision, the project team is encouraged to define the specific values.

3 "50% of all projects fail and a staggering 31.1% of projects will be canceled before they ever get completed. ..." - The Standish Group
/// This outcome happens when the teams lack a team collaborative process to connect with.

4 "Only 59% of all projects reach the market. In Europe only a meager 45% get shipped. ..." - Embedded Systems 07/2006.
/// From the Standish group report, 30% of all projects was completed on time, on-budget and on target

5. "The average cost of a Fortune 500 project range between $6-10 million before it goes over budget and over schedule. ..."- Baseline Magazine

6. "1 out of every 4 projects never get out of the starting line. ..." - Meta group
/// One in four implemented projects failed due to poor planning and an unwillingness to modify existing business practice.

7. "60% of all requirements for most projects are re-written. ..."- Construx
/// More than 60% of software projects in the U.S. failed, and poor requirements is one of the top 5 reasons.

8 "More than 50% of the project failures are due to reasons outside of the project. ..."
/// The project implementors are so focused on daily tasks and activities, that they lose track of their strategic matters and long range goals.

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