Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Different Applications of the Tangible Vision

Recently, we have worked with different groups of people in applying the Tangible Vision to their endeavors.

In one case, we guided the founders of an Asian wireless startup in understanding their goal, their direction and the circumstances that comes with it. . By enabling them to collaboratively built three "connective" Tangible Visions (from a top down viewpoint), they
were able to see the entire directional path toward their goal.

The first one is the "Grand" Tangible Vision that focused on the grand goal and the direction of their company. It also delineates the values of their mission and the
identity of the senior management.

The second Tangible Vision is the "Marketing" Tangible Vision that complements the first one in how the marketing team is going to complete their goal.

The third Tangible Vision
complements the second one. It is the product development team's big picture on how to complete their goal. The completion of this stage enables the marketing team to complete their Tangible Vision.

In future entries, we will include a diagram that displays how the Tangible Vision works from the top level of senior management to the level of implementers.

- More to come -

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